Custom Media Query Breakpoints

Slider Buider With Animation

Equal Height

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PAFE Form Builder : Image Select Field, Range Slider Field, Conditional Logic Field, Calculated Fields

Stripe Payment with PAFE Form Builder

Conditional Logic Form

Range Slider Field

Image Select Field

Calculated Fields Form

Connect Form to Google Sheets

Multi Step Form

Crossfade Multiple Background Images

Lightbox Image + Gallery with Title and Caption

Scroll Box With Custom Scrollbar

Ajax Live Search

Sticky Header

Convert Image to Black or White

Navigation Arrows Icon

Font Awesome 5

Advanced Dots Styling for Image, Media Carousel, Slides

Popup Trigger URL

Responsive Background Position (xpos, ypos)

Column Width ( Pixel, %, calc )

Responsive Background Custom Size

Responsive Column Order

Parallax Background For Every Element

Image Carousel Multiple Custom Urls

Absolute Positioning

Display Inline Block

Max Width

Responsive Hide Column

Gradient Text

Gradient Button

Multiple Background Images

Section Link

Responsive Background Image, Color

Responsive Border Width

Equal Height for Woocommerce Products Elementor Widget

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