We integrated PAFE form with MailPoet as an Action after submit.
The feature is used to store customers registration information for the purpose of using it in marketing campaigns. To use MailPoet, please perform the following steps:
Step 1. Install the MailPoet plugin.
Step 2. Create a form to collect necessary information.
Create Form

Step 3. Click submit button, select Action After Submit -> Add Action -> Mailpoet

Add action Mailpoet after submit

Step 4. In the Mailpoet section we have some options:

  • Send Confirmation Email:
    – If Yes, an email will be sent to customers for confirmation of registration. Then the customer registration information will be saved with the status as Subscribed.
    – If it is No, no email will be sent to the customer for confirmation. The customer information will then be saved as Unconfirmed. You can change the status in the admin page: MailPoet -> Subscribers.
Send Confirmation Email?
  • Send Welcome Email: If yes, a welcome email will be sent to customers.
Send welcome email
  • Skip subscriber notification: Skip notifications when members register.
Skip subscriber notification
  • Acceptance Field: uses conditions for users to agree to receive notification emails and save user information.
Copy shortcode Acceptance Field paste to here
Acceptance Field

Step 5: Select lists: You can select the created lists to save member information.

Select lists

Step 6: Click GET CUSTOM FIELDS to get a list of custom fields.

Get custom field
  • To create custom fields, you need to go to the admin page: MailPoet -> Forms -> Edit -> Click and add custom fields;

Step 7: After having the list of custom fields, make the Mapping field.

* Example (Field Email):
Tag Name: Copy custom field to field Tag Name

Copy custom field to tag name

Shortcode: Copy field Shortcode to Field Shortcode (click field email get copy shortcode).

Step 8: Complete all the Field mapping and check the form operation.

Complete all field

Form Builder



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