Twilio Whatsapp

Twilio Whatsapp is an Action After Submit. This feature allows you to create a form where your customers can send message directly to an assigned Whatsapp.


Step 1:  You need to add Account SID and Author Token.

Visit https://www.twilio.com/console, and you’ll find your unique Account SID and Auth Token

You can reveal your auth token by clicking on the eyeball icon:



Please go to Dashboard > Piotnet AddonsSettings > Integration > Twilio  Integration> Enter Account SID and Author Token > Save Settings



Step 2: Create a form with the necessary information on the admin page.



Step 3: Click Submit button, select Action After Submit -> Add Action -> Twilio Whatsapp



Step 4:  You need to enter Whatsapp To and Whatsapp Form



Step 5: You need to enter your message


Please check your email inbox. If you haven’t received anything,

also check your spam folder.

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