Increase Your Conversion with Coupon Code Field

Would you like to include a coupon code field in your online forms?

Who doesn’t want to get the best possible deal when they go shopping? And you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand this basic consumer behavior, do you? As of today, almost every eCommerce site provides their customers with coupon codes (or promotional codes) on the checkout page in order for them to receive discounts and save money.

Coupon code field essentially provides customers with an additional incentive to purchase their products. Both business owners and consumers benefit from this arrangement.

We made this template as minimal as possible to help you get a better understanding of how it will appear on your form.
To try, you can enter the promo code PIOTNET.

Demonstration of Coupon Code Field

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How to import Elementor Templates

Tutorials - How to add Coupon Code field to your form

Simply follow these instructions if you want to add a promo code or coupon code field to your WordPress forms.

Step 1:

Now that your Piotnet Addons is installed, the next thing you’ll want to do is set up a payment form. That way, you’ll have a form to add your coupon code field to.

Create a simple form as the image below:

coupon code field setting in PAFE

Step 2: 

  • Add a new field and choose the field type as Coupon Code field.
  • Edit Coupon Code Field > Content Tab > Field > choose Coupon Code type.
  • Next, click Add Item > fill Coupon Codes > select Discount Type: Percentage or Flat Amount > Coupon Amount.
coupon code field setting in PAFE
coupon code field setting in PAFE

Step 3:

Edit Total Field > Content Tab > Field > choose Calculated Fields in Type > add Coupon Code Field shortcode into the box.

You can refer how to create Calculated field.

coupon code field setting in PAFE
coupon code field setting in PAFE

In Conclusion

When a company offers coupon code field, it creates an incentive for customers to buy, which works for both new and returning customers. You can specify whether the discount is a percentage or a fixed amount. Every coupon code has an expiration date, making it possible to track marketing efforts to determine which platforms generate the most conversions.

If you assign different numbers and letters to different ads based on promotion, customers will be able to recognize them more easily. As an example, MerryChristmas21 for Christmas, Jul04 for Independence Day, Memo21 for Memorial Day, and so on. Furthermore, different codes for different platforms can assist you in calculating the ROI (return on investment) of advertising on that platform. You also don’t have to wait for special occasions to give out coupon code field.

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