Mailerlite V2

Mailerlite V2 action after submit is used to store customer information for the purpose of marketing and business development. To use the Mailerlite action after submit API please follow the following steps:

Step 1: Create a form with the necessary information.

Create new form

Step 2: Click Submit button -> Action after Submit -> Mailerlite V2.

Add Mailerlite V2 to Action After Submit

Step 3: Select the API type:

  • Default: You need to enter API key information at: Dashboard -> Piotnet Addons -> Mailerlite V2 Integration and then Save Settings.
  • Custom: you need to enter the API key into the Custom API Key.
Enter Custom API key

Step 4: After filling in the API key information, click GET GROUP to get the information of the groups and fields map.


Step 5: Select the group ID you want to save customer information and enter the Group ID.

Enter Group ID

Step 6: Map field mapping:

  • Copy the field to the Tag Name field
Copy field to Tag Name field
  • Copy the Shortcode field to Field Shortcode
Copy the Shortcode field to Field Shortcode

Step 7: Complete all the Field mapping and check the form operation

PAFE Form Builder


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