Twilio SendGrid

We integrated PAFE with Twilio SendGrid by API port method. You can synchronize your customer’s information for maximizing the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.


Step 1: Log in to your SendGrid account and go to Settings > API Key

Step 2: Click on Create API Key

Step 3: Copy the API Key Created. Make sure you copied the entire API Key Created

Step 4: Edit Submit button, select Action After Submit -> Add Action -> Twilio SendGrid

Step 5: Please enter API Key. Click  “GET LIST IDS” and then copy/paste the Contact ID to List IDs. 

Step 6: Enter the Email Field Shortcode. You can use email to Add or Update a Contact.

Step 7: Create a contact form to collect necessary information

Step 8: Click “ADD ITEM” and map the contact information by Tag Name and Field Shortcode

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