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Mollie Payment

Mollie Payment is a payment gateway integrated with many payment methods: Credit card, Apple Pay, PayPal, Bancontact, etc. Mollie empowers payment to be more effortless.

We integrated Mollie with PAFE, you can easily use Mollie together with Piotnet.


STEP 1: Enable Mollie Payment in PAFE

Mollie Dashboard
  • Use Test API key for the experiment, apply Live API key for actual perform. Copy the API key.
Mollie API Key
  • Access: Dashboard > Piotnet Addons > Mollie Payment, paste the API key and save settings.
Enter Mollie Payment API Key

STEP 2: Setup Mollie with a form

  • Create a form with the necessary fields.
  • Choose Mollie Payment section, enable Mollie Payment
Mollie Payment section
  • Fill up some essential information:
  1. Currency: assign payment currency
  2. Amount: assign payment amount. You can use a shortcode to apply a dynamic payment amount.
  3. Description: default payment description. You can use a shortcode for dynamic payment descriptions.
  4. Locale: assign language in payment.
  5. Notification: custom your message for success/error payment.
  • Click the Update after finishing the setting. Now your form is ready for Mollie Payment.
  • Submit the form and check the results.

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