Conditional Logic for Elementor Form

1. Elementor Form



Step 1:

Create your Elementor Form.

Step 2:

Edit Elementor Form > Content Tab > PAFE Conditional Logic Form.

Step 3:

Click “Add Item” to set up conditions.

Show: Choose a target field to show this field depending on conditions. (fill out the Field ID here)

If: Choose a condition field relevant to the target field

Comparison Operators: There are various of options: Not empty, Empty, Equals, Not equals, >, >=, <, <=, Checked, Unchecked

Type Value: String or Number

Value: Fill your desired value.

OR, AND Operators: set relation between conditions.

2. Conditional Logic for Sections:

Edit a Section > PAFE Tab > PAFE Form Builder Conditional Logic > Click Enable.

Instead of using shortcode, you will add Field ID in If box:

A view of the form:

Finally, checked Order box, Food Select field and Section will appear:

Above is just a simple example. Using conditional logic allows you to perform many complicated forms for your needs.

Please refer to this source to apply Conditional Logic for the PAFE Form Builder.

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