Calculated Fields

Repeater Fields Multi Level Nested

You can use Elementor Section or Inner Section to make Repeater, Sub Repeater
and Any Elementor Widget to make Add, Remove Button

Tutorial | Template Json Files

Conditional Logic: If Acceptance checked, the Section Repeater bellow will be shown

Total $
Total $
Total $

Sub Repeater - Nested

Test with Card number 4242 4242 4242 4242 – 04 / 24 – 242 – 42424

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1. PAFE Form Builder


Example: Below is a procedure how to creat a bill calculation.

Firstly, we create a simple form which allow customers to choose product, size and quantity.

Edit Total field > Content Tab > Fields > Type > choose Calculated Fields.

Next, the control section would be showed as below: 

In the Calculation control field, add your mathematic fomula. Shortcode of fields would be used as variables.

After choose product, size and quantity, Calculated Fields will automatically calculated total amount .

2. Elementor Form

Form Builder



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