Best Plugin to add Signature Field in your Elementor Forms

You can collect typed or handwritten electronic signatures from your users using a signature field. When an entry with a signature field is submitted, the signature appears as an image alongside the rest of the entry information (as well as PDF exports).

Piotnet’s signature field allows you to collect user signatures online. They can use their touchscreen devices, mice, or touchpads to submit the digital signature field. To digitally optimize a signature, you do not need to purchase any additional plugins or tools. 

Demonstration of Signature field

How to add Signature field to your Forms

Now that you have your form builder already or you need create a new form.

After creating the form, make sure you have all the input fields that you need. Piotnet Addons offers a lot of feature including essential fields like name field, custom HTML, hidden field, mask input, custom submit button, etc. 

And when you have the signature add-on, you will have an additional signature field among the advanced fields. Simply drag it, and drop it onto the form.

Save the form, and you’re done!


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