Stripe Payment


You can create a Stripe Payment Form with Dynamic Pricing (Calculated Fields), Subscription Payment (Recurring Payment).

1. Create your form

You have to create a Field with type = Stripe Payment

2. Create Submit Button

Scroll to Stripe Payment Section > click Enable.

You can set a fixed Amount

Or Dynamic Amount with Amount Field (Number or Calculated Fields)

3. Subscription Payment (Recurring Payment)

Product ID:

Get the Product ID in your Stripe Payment account.

Then click the Product > Details > get ID > add ID to Product ID box:



If you want users who can select a subscription plan, you have to create a Plan Field (Type field = Select) with options like this:



And then Edit Submit Button.

You can cancel subscription:

4. Multiple payment methods

If you have multiple payment methods, you have to create a Payment Methods field (Select, Radio, Image Select) with options like this:

  • Cash on Delivery
  • PayPal
  • Stripe

And then Enable Option

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