Great way to add Select Autocomplete Field to PAFE Forms

Select Autocomplete field covers all the functions of Select Field. However, it is enhanced by autocompleting function. In case you have a long options list, users can type the keywords in the Bar, it will show the suggestions to choose the desired options.

You can save time by auto-filling the Select fields.
Select Autocomplete is a Piotnet addon that suggests possible options for the Select field type based on the input. Can be used on any frontend form, but only with Select fields.
Each time a request is made to the server, you will receive up-to-date data. It’s a win-win situation for busy sites. Select Autocomplete can be used for a variety of forms, including shipping and billing forms, order submission forms, and booking forms.


Settings of Select Autocomplete field

You can begin with a new or existing form. You can personalize the design of your form. To add a Select autocomplete field, simply drag and drop the widget into the form and then change the field type to Select Autocomplete.


In the Options box, set options for Select Autocomplete field. Enter each option in a separate line. To differentiate between label and value, separate them with a pipe char (“|”).

  1. You also may choose to enable “Send data by label” function to query Label data in your email.
  2. With Multiple Selection Enabled, your customers can choose many options. Besides, you can set Limit Multiple Selects, Rows, and Default Value.

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