How to use Confirm Field for PAFE Form

Do you want to include a confirm field in your PAFE Form Builder?

When submitting forms, users may enter incorrect information because of typos. This can make responding to their messages or adding them to a lead pipeline difficult.

The simplest solution is to add a Confirmation field to your forms.

Confirm field type makes it easy to require a user to verify their email address, password or text area, URL. Below you can find a guide explaining how to set it up for your Elementor form.


Tutorial - How to add Confirm field to your form

  1. Create a form or open a form you have already created.
  2. Add an Email field or Password field to your form if you don’t already have one.
  3. Create a confirmation field by choosing Type: Confirm.
  4. Fill out the Confirm Field ID (Field ID of first email field) and choose Confirm type based on your demand.
confirm field setting in piotnet for elementor

Furthermore, you can make a similar setup for Text, Text area, and URL field types.

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