WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing


Step 1:

After building a Form with full information about the products and a total price field at the end (you may apply a Hidden Field, Number Field, or Calculated Fields for your form).

Then you must create a Submit button and choose “Woocommerce add to cart” in “Actions After Submit”.

It is called : WooCommrce Add To Cart Action

Step 2:

Add “Product ID” and “Price Field Shortcode” into WooCommerce Add to Cart.

WooCommerce Add to Cart setup illustration

– You can add all field shortcodes (information product) without Price Field Shortcode to “Custom Order Item Meta”.

Step 3:

In case you want to redirect to Cart Page in a new tab.

Implement “Redirect” in “Action After Submit”.

Then embed this URL into Redirect Box:

http://your site URL/cart

Redirect illustration

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