Repeater Fields Multi Level Nested

Repeater Fields Multi Level Nested

You can use Elementor Section or Inner Section to make Repeater, Sub Repeater
and Any Elementor Widget to make Add, Remove Button

Tutorial | Template Json Files

Conditional Logic: If Acceptance checked, the Section Repeater bellow will be shown

Total $
Total $
Total $

Sub Repeater - Nested

Test with Card number 4242 4242 4242 4242 – 04 / 24 – 242 – 42424

You can checkout with Stripe, Stripe Subscriptions or Woocommerce


Step 1: Create a new section (require):

Step 2: Create the Field inside the Section. Then, set up form ID and field ID for the Field. Set up the same form id for all fields in a form, with latin character and no space.

E.g order_form.   

Step 3: Set up Repeater for Section:

Step 4: Create the Add button and Remove button: The Remove button have to be inside the Repeater section and the Add button have to be out side the Repeater section .

 – You can use Button widget or Icon widget. 

 – Get Repeater ID from Repeater tab control in the Section setting and put in to Repeater ID input control in the Repeater Triger tab control.

Repeater ID from Repeater tab control in the Section

Remove button.

Add button.

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