Range Slider Field



* Ranger slider only works on the frontend

First, you have to choose the field type is Range Slider of field widget.

If you want to customize the style, you can use Ion Range Slider Library http://ionden.com/a/plugins/ion.rangeSlider/demo.html

This is Options for Single Slider

					skin: "round", type: "single", min: 100, max: 1000, from: 550
Options for Double Slider
					skin: "round", type: "double", grid: true, min: 0, max: 1000, 
from: 200, to: 800, prefix: "$"

Simple start, basic params

					min: 100,max: 1000,from: 550

Set up range and step

					type: "double",grid: true,
min: 0,max: 1000,from: 200,
to: 800,prefix: "$"
					type: "double",grid: true,
min: -1000,max: 1000, 
from: -500,to: 500
					type: "double",grid: true,
min: -1000,max: 1000,
from: -500,to: 500,step: 250
					type: "double",grid: true,
min: -12.8,max: 12.8,
from: -3.2,to: 3.2,step: 0.1

In addition, you can customize CSS to diverse your Slider.

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