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Quickly create Image Upload Field for Elementor form in WordPress

One of the most popular and widely used features of online forms is the ability to collect images. By including an image upload field in your form, users will be able to upload images from their devices. Let’s get started and see how you can enable Image Upload field.

Similar to File Upload Field Type, Image Upload field type allows your users/customers to upload the Image files directly within the form.

For instance: Portrait, Passport, Proposal, etc.

Demonstation of Image Upload field

Settings of Image Upload field

You will have a few options after adding the Image Upload field to your form. You can, for example, create uploads that are required for submission. This is a useful feature if collecting images is important in your form. It is also possible to set a maximum or minimum number of uploads. In details, Image Upload field has the Multiple file button which you can set up base on your demand.

Multiple Files: Let users upload multiple files at once. Switching this on will add the “Maximum files” or “Minimum files” control, which limits the number of uploaded files. (You can test the Demo-2 above)


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