How to remove unfilled results in email

There are two ways to achieve this goal:

First way:

In case you just need to apply the default message, all form fields are sent via shortcode: [all-fields]

Click on Submit Button > Other Options

Then enable the Remove Empty Form Input Fields function.

Second way:

If you want to customize your message content on the Email box, you can apply the remove-line shortcode: [remove_line_if_field_empty]

Click on Submit Button > Email > Message

Copy the field shortcodes that appear inside the fields and paste them or easily use the dynamic tag to render them.

Enter these remove-line shortcodes right behind the single field shortcode.

For example:

[field id=”your_field_id”][remove_line_if_field_empty]

Please check your email inbox. If you haven’t received anything,

also check your spam folder.

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