Easy way to create an Address Autocomplete field with Google Maps API for Elementor

Is your application equipped with an address form, such as one for shipping an online order, a credit card billing address, or a ridesharing booking form? Address Autocomplete can assist users in providing information.

Address Autocomplete is a function in PAFE Forms Builder that suggests street addresses to users as they write an address. Because an Address Autocomplete tool decreases the number of keystrokes and errors made by a user, it can make data submission faster and more accurate.


Tutorials - How to add Address AutoComplete to your forms

Here is a video showing how to create an Address Autocomplete field:

In addition, you can also refer to the step-by-step instructions below:

Step 1: You need to add Google Map Key.

Go to Dashboard > Piotnet Addons > Settings > Integration > Google Maps Intergration > Enter Google Maps API Key > Save Settings.


address autocomplete google maps with pafe

Step 2: You need to add Form ID, Field ID value and option to Address Autocomplate resolve in type. You can choose the “Country”, “Latitude” and “Longitude”

address autocomplete google maps with pafe

You enable Google Map Address AutoComplete, it will work at the frontend.

address autocomplete google maps with pafe 4

You can also use the Address Autocomplete field in calculating the distance between 2 places.

How to calculate the distance between 2 locations: Distance calculation

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