Getresponse is an Action After Submit which is used to store provided customers information. The information then would serve marketing purpose. To use the feature, please follow steps below:

Step 1: Create a form for collecting necessary information.

Create form

Step 2: Click the Submit button and select Actions After Submit -> Add Action -> Select Getresponse.

Add Getresponse to Action After Submit

Step 3: Click Getresponse Section, select API key.

  • Default: you need to enter the API key into Dashboard -> Piotnet Addons -> GetResponse Integration and then Save Settings.
Enter API key in PAFE Settings
  • Custom: you need to enter the API key into the Custom API Key.
Enter custom API key

Step 4: After you have filled in the API information, click GET LIST to get the ID list information from the Getresponse API.


Step 5: Select the appropriate LIST ID then copy and paste into the Campaign ID.

Copy ID and paste to Campaign ID

Step 6: After you have filled in the LIST ID information, click GET CUSTOM FIELDS to get fields mapping information.


Step 7: Make additional field mapping


– Field email

  • Copy custom field email paste to Tag Name
Copy field email to Tag Name
  • Copy Shortcode of Email field to Field Shortcode of Field Mapping
Copy shortcode email to Field Shortcode

-Field name

Mapping field name

-Field phone

Mapping field phone
  • Complete all Field Maps and check the active form

PAFE Form Builder


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