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Piotnet addons for Elementor (PAFE)– One of the industry-leading plugins provides many advanced features for Elementor based websites, helping users to build complicated functions and forms intuitively, professionally without having to write code.

When using PAFE, you just need to set up Elementor Free Version.

PAFE is compatible with most themes that are well constructed according to WordPress guidelines.

PAFE works with almost every plugin, and mostly with popular plugins.

In addition, the conflict between Theme/Plugin systems is inevitable. We have been keeping enhancing the products in order to be compatible perfectly with the other builders. Please send a ticket if there is a conflict between your themes/plugins with our Plugin.

PAFE Form Builder is beginner-friendly. You can easily customize the layout, can insert multiple widgets in a form.

PAFE Form Builder has many great features such as Booking, Multi Step Form, PDF Generator, Repeater Fields, Conditional Logic, Calculated Fields, Stripe Payment, Strip Payment Subscriptions, Submit Post support ACF, Toolset, JetEngine, Edit Post, Woocommerce Add to Cart, Dynamic Pricing, Checkout with Woocommerce, Remote Request, Image Select, Range Slider, Google Sheets Connector, Form Database, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign…

PAFE Form Builder is packed with dozens of useful widgets in the widgets panel. Each widget has a set of custom controls (input fields) allowing end-users to enter data

PAFE Extensions are innovative features that support for Elementor Widgets, Sections/Columns, or other platforms. 

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