Acceptance Field

An acceptance field type is a simple checkbox dedicated to confirming the submitter’s consent for a specific condition. This field type ensures your users accept certain requirements of your choosing. This requirement can be your Terms Of Use, authorization to send them emails, or any other approval, offering you future protection as a site owner.



You can combine <a> tag with this field type.

For example: Do you confirm with our Support Policy?

					Do you confirm with our 
<a href="https://pafe.piotnet.com/piotnet-support-program/">
    <b>Support Policy</b></a>?

As expected from an acceptance field, you can set it to be a required field. You also have the option to set the acceptance field as checked by default.

Besides using this field as an acceptance field, it also functions as a single checkbox field that can be used for any other purpose.

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