PDF Generator

PDF Generator action after submit is used for converting a form to PDF. Afterward you can send the pdf file to recipient emails. To use PDF Generator, please perform following steps:

Step 1: Create a form to collect necessary information.

Create Form

Step 2: Edit the Submit button, select Actions After Submit -> Add Action -> PDF Generator.

Add PDF Generator to action after submit

Step 3: In PDF Generator Section, select Custom Layout Yes or No.

  1. If Custom Layout is No: Fields on the form will be automatically mapped into the PDF file in the order, and you can edit some of the following information:
  • Title: You can add title, edit display position, text size, font color of the title.
  • Field Mapping: Edit and format form fields that are mapped into PDF files.

Show label:

     – If Yes: Show additional labels corresponding to the fields in the PDF file.

Show label

     – If No: The corresponding labels will not be displayed in the filed PDF.

Not show label

Front Size: Format the text size of Field Mapping.

Set font size

Text Color: The text color of Field Mapping.

Set text color

Text Align: Format the position of the text in the PDF file.

Set text align
  1. a
  2. Custom layout is Yes: Fields in the form will not automatically mapped to the PDF file, we need to map and positioning the fields. Click ADD ITEM to add fields mapping.
  • Import template: You can select the file template to insert.
Import template
  • Get Template URL: You need to visit: WP Dashboard> Media> Library> Upload PDF Template File> Get File URL
Upload template and copy link
  • PDF Template File URL: Paste the URL template into the PDF Template File URL
Paste url template
  • Load PDF Template: Click Load PDF template to display the template.
Load teamplate and mapping


– Field name

  • Copy and paste shortcode of field name to Field Shortcode
Copy and paste shortcode field name

– Type: 

     – Default: the field format displayed in the PDF file is text.

     – Image: field displayed in the PDF file will be an image (You need to specify the field format before choosing the type).

     –  Image upload will allow you to upload an image file into a PDF .

     – Custom Font: Used to edit the font for field mapping.

     – Width: Adjust the width size of the field mapping

     – Set X: Adjust the position of the field map horizontally.

     – Set Y: Adjust the position of the field map vertically.

  • Image Background: Applying if you want to leave a background image for the PDF file.
Set Image Background
  • Check the position displayed in the preview under the submit button.
  • After the editing is done, click Update and check the active form.
Pdf file after submit

Note: the PDF connector only works with up to version 1.6 PDF files. Please convert the PDF file to 1.6. Here is the link to convert it: https://docupub.com/pdfconvert/

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